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25 Ways to Say “No” to a Drink or Drug

Staying clean is the top priority in everyone’s life once they find recovery. You can do your best to avoid temptation by working your recovery program. You know it’s important to stay away from people, places and things that tempt you. However, life is unpredictable. Sometimes you run into old friends at the grocery store [...]

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Sobriety and the Holidays: How to Cope

Are you nervous about celebrating the holidays in your newfound recovery? Staying clean is always the most important aspect of recovery, and people are often worried about temptation during the holidays. Stress can be a trigger for many people. The stress that people experience during the holidays during recovery may sometimes feel like overload; after [...]

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Is Your Environment Affecting Your Recovery?

People who struggle with addiction have many triggers that they learn to cope with as they stay clean for a length of time. When a person goes to treatment, they’re in a safe space where they can feel free to explore their addiction and find a path to recovery. Treatment centers are without judgment, and [...]

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Learn to Have Fun in Recovery! 15 Ways

Getting clean is a big deal, and at first, your primary goal in recovery is to live one day at a time. Treatment and 12-step meetings probably made up most of your days in early recovery. But once you’ve been clean a while, you may become restless. Boredom can be a big trigger for relapse [...]

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Journaling Can Help Keep You Focus on the Positive

In treatment, there is a lot of talk about what tools you can use to help you stay clean. Mediations, mindfulness, exercise, and simply picking up the phone are often mentioned as important tools that can help you with stress and everyday life. But what about overcoming negativity and dealing with your bad days? Many [...]

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