Reap the Rewards of Active Listening

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Active listening helps people learn, interpret, and grow as people. How many times do you speak to a person every day? Have you ever noticed that the meaning of some words can change if they’re said in a particular inflection? Learning to Listen Actively Listening is a valuable tool that can improve your relationships and [...]

Change Your Thinking With Affirmations

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Affirmations can help you change your life, but first, they help you transform your attitude. Are you a negative thinker? Do you think everything you do turns out “bad” or “wrong”? This kind of approach can help you stay stuck in negativity. When you feel negative most of the time, it can lead to depression, [...]

Trauma and Addiction: SoAP Free Community Educational Event

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San Diego Society of Addiction Professionals Free Educational Event Trauma and Addiction with James Bosch, LMFT and Cindy Rutter, RN LMFT Intern of 1 Amazing Life   This event will be offered twice: Thursday, November 1 from 6-7:30 PM Confidential Recovery Outpatient Program 7071 Consolidated Way, SD CA 92121 ______________________ Saturday, November 3rd from 10:30 [...]