The San Diego Society of Addiction Professionals is a coalition of working professionals gathered to facilitate a collaboration among community leaders, professionals and County members to enhance opportunities for education, interdisciplinary problem solving, and access to information, resources, and services to help maximize positive recovery outcomes for individuals and families struggling with addiction issues in the community.

We come together for the good of the people we serve men, women, children in our community affected with the disease of addiction. In 2016, more than 173 people per day lost their lives to the disease.

The participant and their families count on us every day to play a vital role in revealing their path of recovery within the continuity of care this disease requires. This is why we meet to share our education, offer continuous education and CEU’s, share our experiences and hope for their recovery so we can fill that role bestowed upon us by our client so they can experience healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The community of San Diego Addiction Professionals sees the value of a community recovery system. This system is local and always growing both professionally and spiritually. With continuous education, CEU’s and credits for professionals and nurses, the enrichment of know-how and best practices strengthens the bonds of our city and community.

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