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DEA Special Agent Rockwell “Rocky” Herron

To the members of the San Diego SOAP,
I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet with many of you last week and I enjoyed the dialogue we started. I was unable to show my powerpoint with all the cool pictures documenting what a great guy I am, so hopefully you will have me back in the future to fix that. 🙂
A number of you expressed interest in promoting my school substance abuse presentations in your local communities. There is usually much willingness to consider having me come to schools, but the follow through on actually getting schools to make the time and opportunity is always a challenge for a variety of reasons. Attached to this email is a document I produced for a recent meeting to a group of school district superintendents that will give your school administrators an idea of what we do.
I do the speaking to schools as an unofficial adjunct to my investigative work, but it is hugely important to me. Prevention, in all its forms, is the only way I see out of this addiction nightmare we are living. In the last 7 years, I have given over 330 presentations to almost 38,000 students in the US, El Salvador, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan and in September I will speak to a group of students in Budapest while I am there for other official business. I do not currently have the time to attempt to document the impact my talks have on students, therefore the only “evidence” I can provide regarding the efficacy of my talks are the attached letters from schools that allowed me in. I have age-appropriate versions of my presentation from 4th grade to university level. There is no cost to schools for the presentations, and I need 60 to 90 minutes to get all of my message to the kids.

Please feel free to share this information with school officials and have them contact me directly if there is any interest in a presentation.

Please feel free as well to contact me with any issues related to your work‎. We have access to many resources and understand that we need to work with the wider community to achieve success in our mission.

I look forward to seeing you in the future!


Rockwell Herron, MEd

Special Agent

DEA San Diego

619-666-4381 (Cell)

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