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Meet Assemblyman Brian Maienschein


Brian was elected to the San Diego City Council in November 2000 and to the California State Assembly in 2012, winning with a record number of votes. He was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term in 2014.

Brian also served as San Diego’s first Commissioner on Homelessness. He created a program that received numerous awards, including a Golden Watchdog award from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association for its success in reducing homelessness, while saving millions of taxpayer dollars.

Prior to serving on the City Council, Brian was the Executive Director of Youth Court, an innovative program that has forged a partnership between law enforcement, schools, and community groups to get first-time juvenile offenders back on track. For his work with the program, Brian received the District Attorney’s Crime Victims’ Rights Award.

In the Assembly, Brian has continued to work to improve California’s education system and to provide students the tools they need to succeed. To help make college more affordable and accessible for California’s hardworking students, he co-authored a measure which would freeze tuition rates at our state universities.

Meetings for SOAP are held at the La Jolla Village Square’s Community Room. The Room is located on the lower level of the shopping Center next to the AMC Movie Theater’s box office.

There are two areas to park: outdoors and underground. The outdoor parking can get rather full. We suggest that you aim for the indoor covered parking which is usually wide open during our meeting hours, plus it is cooler in the summer and dry during rainy season. Access to the underground parking is slightly tricky the first time you go, yet if you know where to look, it’s relatively easy. Once you enter the shopping center from Nobel Drive you will notice California Pizza Kitchen on your left and Islands Restaurant on your right. Just past Islands you will notice a right turn lane for people who are heading to Ralphs and Trader Joes. Don’t turn there, keep going straight. In about 30 feet and you will see a ramp to the right leading down to the lower lot. There will be a sign at the entrance to this ramp that clearly lets you know that this is the path to the additional underground parking. Just follow it down all the way to the far end where you will see a glass door entrance to the shopping center with a sign for the AMC Theater. That’s your entrance to the mall that leads to the Community Room which can be found immediately to the right of the AMC Movie Theater’s box office.

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