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Dr. Krista Roybal

M.D., Executive Medical Director, True Life Center for Wellbeing

Dr. Krista Roybal, an addiction medicine expert, and integrative treatment advocate addresses benzodiazepine addiction: a public health crisis that, despite its prevalence and danger, remains largely “under the radar,” overshadowed by America’s opiate epidemic. Drawing on her years of experience in private practice, top hospitals, and as founder and Executive Medical Director of True Life Center for Wellbeing (a holistic mental health and addiction treatment center located in La Jolla), Dr. Roybal will break down the history of this class of medication, discuss the many adverse effects, and explore research suggesting associations between benzodiazepine use and many medical conditions. She will also share the benzodiazepine taper method she’s used to help countless patients successfully and safely navigate withdrawal.

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